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Individual Counseling

Empowering Personal Transformation: Physchotherapy with Dr. Fabi

In individual counseling sessions, I create a nurturing environment where you can safely explore and understand your emotions without the fear of being judged. People are inherently whole and capable. And my role is to help you discover your strengths and directing your journey towards personal growth and better relationships. Through our collaborative efforts, you'll become better equipped to face life's challenges and initiate meaningful changes.

Each person's path is distinct and I tailor my approach to fit your unique needs. My goal is to make the therapy process transparent, helping you to grasp and address your concerns clearly. Together, we will illuminate your circumstances. Through challenge and support I foster hope and empower you to make the choices that will enhance your personal and relational well-being.


Rate - $250/Hour


Pathways to Personal Growth: Individual Therapy with Dr. Fabi

In individual therapy, we will focus on the journey of self-discovery and growth. We explore personal experiences and challenges in a safe environment, enabling you to examine and understand your emotional patterns and behaviors. This process of reflection leads to increased self-awareness and helps in crafting new approaches for personal development.

In Therapy we will explore the complexities of your experiences and develop effective strategies for managing and overcoming life's obstacles, building resilience and empowerment. My approach is tailored to your unique needs, supporting you in finding your own way to emotional well-being and personal satisfaction. Our work together aims to provide you with fresh perspectives and the capacity to face future challenges with enhanced confidence and insight.

Rate - $250/Hour

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