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Turbulent Twenties

Navigating Your Twenties: A Group for Young Adults

In my Turbulent Twenties groups, I offer young adults a safe space to work through the complexities of this pivotal phase of life. This group is a place to delve into the common issues many face in their twenties, including adjusting to new roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the journey towards independence. I promote self-discovery, personal development, and growth.

Connect with others facing similar life situations and challenges. My objective is to help group members build resilience, developing coping mechanisms, and obtain insights to tackle the hurdles of early adulthood with ease. The group's supportive and challenging atmosphere will enhance a sense of belonging, mutual understanding, and empowerment. Young adults will thereby approach their twenties with more confidence and resilience.

Rate - $80 for a 1.5 hour session


Finding Your Path: Supportive Guidance for Young Adults

I encourage group participants to explore and carve out their own paths in life. This group offers a secure and nurturing space for young adults to explore their goals, values, and dreams. In a supportive and challenging group, participants will identify their strengths, passions, and potential areas for growth. 

This group will also focus on honing practical abilities and tactics to tackle the hurdles and challenges faced in young adulthood. Individuals will build resilience, manage stress, and cultivate healthy relationships. In this therapeutic environment young adults discover the confidence and sense of purpose needed to successfully navigate the early stages of adulthood.

Rate - $80 for a 1.5 hour session

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