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Divorce & Co-Parenting

Navigating Divorce with Clarity: Dr. Fabi's Expert Counseling for Smooth Transitions

I offer compassionate care to those undergoing the difficult journey of separation. I support clients through the emotional complexities of divorce. I help clients with the goal of reducing emotional distress and facilitating the transition to life after divorce.

Navigating co-parenting post-divorce presents unique challenges, and I assist parents in managing this new stage effectively. Prioritizing the well-being of children, I help parents foster collaboration and mutual respect. Individuals gain the support needed to move through divorce and co-parenting with resilience, finding paths to healing and clarity.

Rate - $250/Hour


Empowering Co-Parenting: Strategies for a Healthy Post-Divorce Relationship

In post-divorce, I empower parents to cultivate effective co-parenting strategies that center on the well-being of their children. I assist parents in establishing clear communication, healthy boundaries and resolving disputes constructively. Sustaining a healthy co-parenting relationship encourages stability and support for children as they adapt to changing family dynamics.

In collaborative sessions, I help parents forge a positive relationship after divorce. Parents learn to work together to foster a nurturing and supportive environment for their children and promote resilience and emotional health.

Rate - $250/Hour

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